Panel Sharing

Panel sharing is all about saving money. We place your PCB layout on one large production panel, which is shared by other orders. The total cost for producing the panel is then shared by all the participants. You end up with a price far below what it would have cost you to run your own production. Price is $3.25 per square inch, 5 day turn, no minimum order, and no setup and tooling fee!

Looking for free circuit board design software?

02 Sep

If you are looking for free circuit board design software to help you design professional looking circuit boards, then we would like to suggest Eagle from CadSoft.  They have a free version called “Eagle Light”.  Follow this link to download your own copy today CadSoft Eagle Light Edition.  CadSoft also has many tutorials on their site you […]

What is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?

07 Jul
Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

What is a printed circuit board (PCB)?  A PCB is a thin board made of fiberglass or a similar material. Electrical wires are “printed” onto the board, connecting the central processor to other components on the board. Some examples of PCBs include motherboards, RAM chips, and network interface cards. Printed circuit boards are sometimes abbreviated as “PC boards,” which is fitting, […]

Gerbv – A Free Gerber Viewer

07 Jul
Gerbv free gerber viewer Screenshot

It’s nice to be able to view your gerber files before submitting them for production, and though you may have your own software platform that you love using, we’d like to suggest that you check out this free alternative for viewing your Gerber files: Gerbv – free gerber viewer. Gerbv is a viewer for Gerber […]

What is a Gerber File?

07 Jul
Sample Gerber File

What is a Gerber file?  explains Gerber files quite nicely: Introduction to Gerber Files Gerber is a standard electronics industry file format used to communicate design information to manufacturing for many types of printed circuit boards. In many ways, Gerber is the electronics world’s equivalent of PDF.  This odd little format, a hybrid machine […]

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Our Advantage

PCB Panel Share

Panel Share

Panel share is a way for you to get your circuit boards built professionally for a low price. We group together several orders onto one large circuit board panel and then run it through production all at once. Employee

35 Years in Business

We have been meeting the circuit board needs of companies throughout the world for over 35 years. Our employees are one of our greatest strengths and are among the most experienced anywhere.
Fast Turn Time

Fast Completion Times

Single and double sided PCB’s 3 to 4 day standard turn time.

Multi-layer PCB’s 5 day standard turn time

Expedited Options Available.

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What people think of

It was a pleasure working with the team. Brad is a true professional and they make a quality product for an affordable price.

I’ve used Circuit for years for all of my consulting projects. They are consistently the best around and I look forward to many more years of business with them.

Chad Mann

5 Stars! Turned out just the way I wanted it to and my project turned out to be a huge success!

M. Simmons

PCB Panel Share

Does your design qualify for Panel Share?”classic”””Panel

Panel share is a way for you to get your circuit boards built professionally for a low price.  There is no minimum order and there are no setup charges.  The price for this service is $3.25 per square inch and the turn time is 5 days.

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